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With help from Matt Boslem at Immotion Games, the test game is now successfully working and ready for testing.

The video game that is used for the purpose of the testing is a simple map created in Unity terrain editor and then boxes have been implemented on top of this base map. Participants complete the game by collecting the boxes in a specific order. To encourage discussion, the boxes are not labelled, but flash red when corrected incorrectly and green when collected correctly. The game includes visual prompts to assist both hearing and D/deaf players as well as sound cues.

Screen shorts taken from the video game that will be used for testing. Grey boxes are yet to be collected, green boxes have been collected in the correct order and red boxes have been collected in the incorrect order.

The game connects via the host’s IP address through the wi-fi through an existing Unity plug-in called Mirror. Mirror is an old Unity framework that uses the computer’s IP address and decentralises it – this allowed for a multiplayer gaming experience.


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