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I’m Leah Rose Farrar and I am a final year student of Audio Acoustics at The University of Salford. As part of my studies, I have to carry out an independent research project on a topic of interest.

This blog has been created to track the process of my topic that explores the accessibility of video games for D/deaf gamers.

The project will delve into challenges that D/deaf people face through advisory groups, online surveys and existing research papers. From here, the project will go on to research and develop a tool to aid D/deaf gamers whilst playing video games and finally writing up a paper discussing the findings.

The topic carries great personal interest to me as, although not D/deaf, I am part of a large D/deaf community through learning British Sign Language and work in foreign D/deaf schools. I am a gamer myself and would like to use my final year project to explore the difficulties that come with being a gamer in The Deaf Community.

Please navigate through this blog and feel free to contact me if there is anything you would like to share with me – I am eager to hear advice and experiences within this topic.

What People Say

Accessibility in video games is a conversation that needs having in our part of the industry.

Jey Kazi, Sumo Design LTD

I’d love to help with this project as it’s an area that’s close to my heart as an audio programmer working on games that have a wide reach.

Jay Steen, Criterion Games

Having no sound really takes away from the experience. It’ll be interesting to see if you could create a solution for that.

Thomas Batty, Clockwork Giants

Let’s build something together.

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