Covid-19: A Road Block in Testing

Unfortunately, due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, testing of the accessible video game could not be carried out. This decision, however sad, was not a difficult decision for me. It is important that the health and safety of participants is the priority. In terms of the project, the paper willContinue reading “Covid-19: A Road Block in Testing”

Speech to Text Tool Solutions and Problems

Over the past few months I have been working on my speech to text tool. On my own, I had lots of coding and play-ability issues with my game and accessibility tool. With the help of Warren Hilton at The University of Salford, a solution has been found that will allow me to obtain testingContinue reading “Speech to Text Tool Solutions and Problems”

Game Design Lecture

Thank you to Umran Ali, today I sat in the level 6 Games Design and Production lecture at Media City. Umran introduced me to the class and I outlined my project to them – this has allowed me to connect with people who are great at unity and have experience when creating games. Hopefully, oneContinue reading “Game Design Lecture”

Games Design and Production BSc (Hons) – University of Salford

Work is progressing on my dissertation project. Over the past few weeks, work has been carried out on my research paper, including, theory sections and literature reviews. My first draft of the literature review is finished. On advise from my dissertation supervisor, I have contacted the Games Design and Production course leader at the UniversityContinue reading “Games Design and Production BSc (Hons) – University of Salford”

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